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A comfortable commercial space is essential to promoting employee productivity and ensuring customer satisfaction. Commercial AC systems are responsible for achieving and maintaining a welcoming business. 更重要的是, AC units improve the quality of indoor air and remove excess humidity for a safe environment where employees and clients won’t become overheated or dehydrated. 另一方面, lack of adequate air conditioning in a commercial establishment can be detrimental to any business. 如果你的空调出现问题, contact 布莱恩供暖和空调公司 Since 1985, our HVAC company has provided reliable AC repair services to business owners in Wichita, KS, 以及周边地区.


While the vast majority of HVAC units function similarly, commercial units are typically much larger than residential units. 除了, the ventilation requirements of commercial spaces are also more complex than other types of structures. Due to the large size and constant requirement for cooling, commercial AC systems are susceptible to a number of problems, 包括以下.

  • 嘶嘶的声音: 嘶嘶声可能表明制冷剂泄漏. Low refrigerant inhibits the production of cool air, but a leak could cause more extensive damage to other sensitive components in the AC.
  • 堵塞冷凝排水: Water pooling around the AC unit and other drainage problems generally occur when the condensate drain becomes clogged.
  • 空调打不开: faulty wiring, a tripped breaker, or an overheated system can easily halt AC function.
  • 过度的尖叫或震动: Squealing sounds can do more than irritate customers and employees — they can also indicate a worn out fan belt.
  • 系统吹出热风: If the fan works but the system blows warm air, the issue is typically caused by a faulty compressor.

How Inadequate Indoor Cooling Can Affect Your Business

An improperly functioning — or non-functioning — commercial AC can cause problems that transcend HVAC repairs. 如果你的企业需要冷却系统 商用空调维修,请于今日联络我们. Our technicians are prepared to diagnose any issue and can make the necessary repairs to restore cool comfort to your commercial space.


Lack of cool air in your commercial property can create an uncomfortable atmosphere for your staff and clients. If conditions become unbearable, customers may become hesitant to return. 更重要的是, customer discomfort due to hot indoor air could even affect business reviews.


If the number of customers visiting your establishment begin to dwindle due to the uncomfortable indoor environment, 你们公司可能会遭受严重的利润损失. Extreme conditions could even require you to temporarily close down the business.


The lack of cool air in an enclosed space during warm months could pose health risks to employees and promote inadequate working conditions. 除了生产力水平的降低, 你的员工可能会脱水, 中暑, 或中暑.


没有足够的交流, indoor humidity levels can rise and encourage the growth and spread of harmful airborne allergens, 如发霉和发霉. 霉菌对健康有害, but these pollutants can also damage — or completely ruin — your merchandise.


Scheduling a bi-annual HVAC maintenance is the most effective way to ensure that your unit maintains optimal, reliable function throughout the system’s lifespan. Any small malfunctions in your system could spread to other components. 如果匿名发表, these issues can cause the system to fail completely, leading to expensive system replacements and an uncomfortable workplace. 通过og体育游戏, our technicians are able to identify issues and repair them before they have the chance to affect other parts of the system. Check-ups also also keep your unit working at peak efficiency while reducing the cost of monthly utilities to your business.

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For Furnace service in Wichita KS, we accept most major credit cards.
We accept check for Furnace repair service provided in Valley Center KS.
We accept cash for Ductwork Fabrication repair service provided in Andover KS.
For Furnace service in Andover KS, we accept most major credit cards.
We accept check for Ductwork Fabrication repair service provided in Wichita KS.
We accept cash for Furnace repair service provided in Valley Center KS.
We accept all major credit cards, cash, and personal or business checks. 我们也提供融资选择.
We also offer financing from Synchrony Bank for your Furnace repair in Wichita KS.
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